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If voters approve a pending ballot measure, Oregon would have the strictest gun laws in the nation—which opponents claim would virtually end the legal sale of firearms in the state.

The “Reduction of Gun Violence Act” (Measure 114) would require a permit to obtain any type of firearm.

Magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds would be outlawed. Commonly used pump shotguns would be banned. And state police would be required to maintain an electronically searchable, publicly available database of all permit applications.

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Backers of the measure, including a coalition of faith-based leaders and Ceasefire Oregon, say the new restrictions would help prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, as well as reduce gun homicides, suicides, and trafficking.

The ballot measure is currently polling at 51 percent.

But opponents say the measure was poorly written and the explanatory language in the voters’ pamphlet was misleading.

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