Posted BY: Anthony Watts and H. Sterling Burnett

Climate alarmists falsely claim to uphold the sanctity of scientific integrity while simultaneously violating the scientific method by suppressing debate, scientific inquiry, and the free exchange of ideas.

Spokespersons for the “Climate Inquisition” (CI) do this, they say because they have cornered the truth concerning the causes and consequences of climate change. Because of this, the CI tars climate realists and skeptics — those who, because they follow the scientific method, point to various gaps in knowledge about climate and weaknesses in the argument that the earth is on the verge of a climate catastrophe — with various offensive labels, perhaps the most opprobrious being, “climate denier.”

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Recently, Roland Lloyd Parry, in an article originally published at AFP and distributed on Yahoo News, titled “Politics, cash, fame: what motivates climate change deniers,” jumped on the ad hominem bandwagon, claiming that climate skeptics are purely motivated by greed and fame.

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