Source: Patty McMurray

The woke superintendent was earning $260,000 per year.

Newberg is a city approximately 25 miles outside the woke city of Portland, where Antifa, a violent, domestic terror group, has become a permanent fixture in the far-left city. Meanwhile, the number of police officers in Portland has dwindled to 788, the lowest number since 1989.

Daily Mail reports – The policy forbids teachers from displaying ‘political, quasi-political, or controversial’ symbols in classrooms and was reportedly written in response to complaints about BLM and LGBT flags in schools.

Both had earlier been banned by the district. Threats ensued, prompting them to issue a more comprehensive set of guidelines about what was and wasn’t allowed to be displayed.

The board initially passed a rule banning school staff from displaying Black Lives Matter and gay pride symbols, but then expanded it to all political or controversial signs and symbols after being advised the first rule wouldn’t survive a legal challenge.

The four conservative board members offered no explanation as they summarily fired Morelock, giving him 10 days left on the job.

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Morelock, who was paid $260,000-a-year, replied: “Just remember that from the darkest dark comes the brightest light, so everything will work out eventually.”

The escalating disputes in Newberg come as schools nationwide have become ideological battlegrounds, with arguments over vaccine and mask mandates, how racism is addressed in teaching, instruction related to sexuality, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

People rallied in September ahead of the Newberg, Oregon School Board vote on whether to ban Black Lives Matter and Pride flags at school. The same board has now fired the superintendent, apparently for failing to enforce the ban

Conservatives say too many schools are choosing to teach lessons inspired by critical race theory, which examines how racism pervades every aspect of society.

They have expressed fury over lessons where children have been taught to see themselves as oppressors or victims depending on their skin color, as well as ‘affinity groups’ composed entirely of people of color. Those have been condemned as a woke form of segregation.

The union argues the policy violates the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment protecting free speech and the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteeing equal protection.

What do you think? Should public schools display symbols that represent sexual preference or promote racial division? While it’s critical to support freedom of speech in America, is it critical that public schools are used by woke administrators to push alternative sexual lifestyles and racial division on young, impressionable students?