Posted BY: J.R. Dunn

Once again, the Left has taken bad policing as an excuse for riots. Tyre Nichols was clearly terrified that what happened to George Floyd was going to happen to him, and it did, leaving us in the perverse position of having to say, “Thank God they were all Black.”

The Usual Suspects have erupted regardless, triggering disturbances and riots across the country. The standard declamations involving racism and “White supremacy,” utterly senseless or not, have been trotted out as always.  The American Left has sensed yet another opportunity to destabilize and destroy and has leaped on it.

Of course, racism has nothing to do with it. Instead, the cops, like so many other institutions in recent years, have encountered a technological revolution that they don’t understand and for which they are ill-prepared.


That technology consists of cheap digital video cameras and a network – the Internet – to distribute the resulting footage nationwide and beyond.

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