Posted BY: J.B. Shurk

Before the Woke Wars began in earnest, I once naïvely thought that men’s professional sports would remain a small redoubt from the insipid idiocy of “political correctness.”  Stadiums where rowdy fans cheer on strong men engaging in physical acts of confrontation — and sometimes bloody violence — seemed like sturdy cultural ramparts capable of keeping leftist indoctrination at bay.  Alas, owner-imposed ideology across leagues and organized intimidation campaigns against individual players have combined with enough force to crash through the gates.  

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Now grown men who have spent their lives training for battle meekly embrace ever-changing Marxist planks before millions of spectators, who likewise are allowed to watch only if they implicitly accept the State’s woke dogma. Will players and fans be forced to kneel during the National Anthem this week? To reject their religious faith as an expression of “hate”? To applaud child grooming and predation? To cheer the World Health Organization’s dictatorial control over their lives? Stay tuned. The sports leagues will let you know what to believe just as soon as the Marxist brigades lay down new marching orders. Even men with a surplus of testosterone will be expected to comply.

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