Posted BY: Anthony J. DeBlasi

My brother Salvatore, a World War II veteran (deceased), was asked in 1974 to speak at a National Prayer Breakfast held at an Army supply facility where he worked. Sal was a gifted speaker who is 1982 ran for the New York state senate on the Right to Life Party.

At this prayer breakfast, he made clear the reason why Defense Department personnel should meet in prayer.

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I know that brother Sal would approve of a repeat of what he said, as relevant today as it was then. From a copy I have of his speech, here are his words:

To set the record perfectly straight, I must point out that Breakfast Groups actually had their start more than 1,900 years ago. It was by the Sea of Tiberias, one morning, that businessmen and workers at their trade met with Jesus, to find an enriching fellowship…and a new challenge for life. An account of this breakfast meeting is related by John (Chapter 21).

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