Source: Geoffrey Dickens

That bigger hit you’re taking at the grocery store, gas station, and heating bill this month? It’s not really a big deal, or at least that’s what journalists trying to save President Joe Biden and the Democrats would have you believe. 

That’s right. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle wants you to keep it all in “perspective.” NBC correspondent Tom Costello wants you to quit whining about that heating bill, turn down the thermostat, and have you considered “heavier curtains?” 

The few times journalists actually admitted rising prices were a bad thing, it wasn’t because they were worried about the average consumer. Oh no! They were worried that it might hurt their Democratic friends in the midterms. 

CBS Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan nervously pressed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: “You have said that inflation is likely to be with us until the second half of next year. Are you confident that prices for the average American will be down by the time we head into next November and Election Day?… Because there could be a political cost to this.”

The following is just a small sampling of journalists spinning the bad inflation numbers for the Biden administration: 

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