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Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan said today his country is heading for a ‘bloody revolution’ after revealing he has recorded a video naming the four people who were behind the assassination attempt that saw him shot in the leg by a gunman at a rally.

Khan, 70, also repeated his claim that current Prime Minister Sharif Shehbaz Sharif, interior minister Rana Sanaullah and a senior army commander of plotting the botched assassination attempt that left him wounded.

‘These three decided to kill me,’ Khan told reporters in Lahore in his first public appearance since he was rushed to hospital after Thursday’s attack. He also demanded that the trio resign.

‘There is no third way. I have seen this nation wake up and this genie of awareness won’t go back in the bottle,’ Khan said, claiming wheels had been set in motion for a revolution. ‘Now decide if we can bring change in a peaceful way through the ballot box and fair and free election or through the chaos.’

Sitting in a wheelchair with his right leg bandaged and propped up on a chair in front of him, Khan said the video would be released if he dies under suspicious circumstances, adding that the footage has been hidden ‘abroad’.

The politician, looking tired during his first national address since the assassination attempt, also revealed X-Ray images of the bullets that were lodged in his leg after he was shot and wounded on Thursday.

Khan had been leading a march on Islamabad to demand snap elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Sharif when a lone gunman opened fire on his convoy, killing one man and wounding 13 others.

Describing the attack, Khan said he remembers hearing a ‘burst of bullets’ and a sudden searing pain in his leg as a bullet hit him. ‘Because I fell down, I think the shooter thought I had died and fled,’ Khan said, adding that he thought there were two shooters.

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