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Flak is always the heaviest when you are directly over the target is one variable of an old expression, and while it was originally a military analogy, that statement proves true in the all out information battle we are seeing heat up.

For years big tech and social media have been, and still are, openly and blatantly attacking conservatives, whether by demonetizing content, terminating social media accounts, downranking search results or simply blocking debate, no matter how civil.

Here is a perfect example from ANP. 

Our “About” page was demonetized for “dangerous or derogatory” content. It has gone through several reviews and each time they claim the page “non-compliant” with their policies on “dangerous or derogatory” content, I use another one of the 200 monthly reviews they allow websites, and will continue doing so until someone with a brain cell left in their thick skulls fixes it.

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The point here is that conservatives all across the Internet are being labeled, either with that bogus claim, or “unreliable and harmful,” label. On social media if one disagrees with liberal viewpoints, or believe and state that there are just two genders, or call out the moving goalposts on masking, vaccines and Covid, you are pushing “disinformation,” or misinformation, according to big tech, social media and the MSM, and penalized.


Quick Recap: When news that the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, purchased shares of Twitter to become the largest shareholder and would be joining the board, liberal heads exploded all across the Internet. Then Musk decided not to join the board because that would limit what he could or could not criticize about the company publicly, and instead he made an offer to purchase the company.

More heads exploded, and the media went postal screaming about how if Musk took the company over, Democracy would die because he is a free speech absolutist, and would open debate back up without any one political viewpoint being labeled, shunned, or censored.

Twitter adopted what is called a “poison pill” strategy and without getting into the boring details, the bottom line is the company decided they would rather burn it all down rather than allow that type of open debate on the Twitter platform.

The battle is still raging as Musk is attempting a “hostile takeover.”

What Musk has done here is completely expose liberals. 

The media, democrats and big tech are now all openly arguing in favor of blatant censorship, when before they attempted to deny they were doing it, even though everyone knew they were lying through their teeth.

Pandora’s Box has been opened and ironically the biggest proven liars are now arguing against disinformation.

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In 2013, the left leaning Politifact was forced to name Barack Obama’s previous statements of “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” as the “Lie of the year.”

That was one of the biggest disinformation campaigns in history, especially when we add the lies about individual mandate, not being a tax, which eventually was found to be a tax after all.

A majority held the individual mandate is not a valid exercise of Congress’s power under the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause; however, the majority opinion by Chief Justice Roberts concludes that the individual mandate may be upheld as within Congress’s power under the Taxing Clause. As a consequence of the Court’s ruling today, Americans, whether they want it or not, will be compelled to purchase a product – health insurance – or pay a penalty.

This makes Obama’s recent declarations against “disinformation,” one of the most ironic turn of events I have seen in a long time.  

Obama’s foundation announced earlier this week that it has formed a new initiative aimed at stopping the spread of disinformation.

“In recent years, we’ve seen how quickly disinformation spreads, especially on social media,” Obama tweeted. “This has created real challenges for our democracy.”

America was founded as a Republic ! Not a democracy.

Obama wants to stop the spread of the “truth,” by labeling it disinformation. This is the game they have been playing for years, but now it is exposed for the world to see. 


More information is finally coming out about the Russian collusion hoax, and how Hillary Clinton’s former campaign lawyer is under federal indictment for lying to the FBI about “Russiagate,” which her campaign funded, five others are pleading the 5th, while another has flipped and is helping the prosecution.

The indictment accuses Sussmann of falsely telling Baker he did not represent any client when he met him to give the FBI white papers and other data files containing evidence of questionable cyber links between the Trump Organization and a Russian-based bank.

The indictment alleges that Sussmann turned over that information not as a “good citizen” but as an attorney representing a U.S. technology executive, an internet company and Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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In the midst of these revelations we see another bit of irony as Clinton is now also ranting about  disinformation on tech platforms with no accountability.


You can’t make this stuff up!  

Very rarely do I agree with the Hildabeast, but big tech has been pushing disinformation, liberal disinformation, while blocking the actual truth, as they did with the Hunter Biden laptop from hell scandal by banning the New York Post’s story on it before the 2020 election, and suspending, censoring and preventing open discussion of it.

The answer is not more censorship as Bammie and Hildabeast want, but opening up debate regarding beliefs and political ideologies without big tech claiming to be the arbiter of truth.


Which brings us back to Musk.

Like him, dislike him, it matters not. 

What matters here, in my opinion, is he has opened the door, or the “box” and allowing everyone to see what is inside. His Twitter hostile takeover attempt is the first shot across the bow against the true disinformation crowd….the media, social media, and big tech.

If Musk wins his bid to take over Twitter, the information war we are fighting now will be kicked into high gear, with both sides getting equal treatment.

No wonder they are all freaking out.