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Parents of students exposed to a mandatory drag show performed by peers are demanding transparency and accountability, multiple outlets reported.

“They knew there would be parents who would not support this, and this is why they let it in under the guise of ‘culture,'” parent Amy said during an Elk Grove Unified School District board meeting March 7.

Amy and other parents reportedly asked KOVR not to use their last names to help protect their minor students from being identified. The Blaze is also not using parents’ last names for the same reason.

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Amy and other parents took issue with a mandatory “multicultural expo assembly” that took place at Pleasant Grove High School on March 3. During the assembly, students from the school’s LGBTQ group performed a four-minute dance routine in drag.

“Students and teachers are expected to attend assemblies that take place during normal school hours,” school district spokesperson James Tan told Elk Grove Citizen, when asked if students’ attendance was mandatory.

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