Parents in Orange County, California are outraged over new updates to a sexual education curriculum for middle school students that include ‘gender identity’ and recognizing same-sex relationships — these students are between the ages of 12 and 13 years old.

The Capistrano Unified School District Board of Trustees approved of the new implementation in a 6-1 vote and updated the materials required under California law — the new curriculum will be rolled out in May of this year.

Trustee Jim Reardon, a conservative Republican, was the only one to vote against the new Marxist updates to the sex ed curriculum.

In order to comply with the 2016 California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA), the Capistrano Unified School District added new updates to the sex ed program which includes information on healthy vs abusive relationships, HIV awareness and prevention, same-sex relationships and instruction on gender identity.

Gender identity instruction will include teaching students about “gender-inclusive” language which advises teachers to use pronouns such as “they” instead of “he or she.”

Students will also participate in activities that promote LGBTQ inclusiveness so they can help create a safe and welcoming environment for students. (screenshot below)

8th graders will also be taught about pregnancy outcomes, birth control and where they can access abortion centers — abstinence is only a small part of the curriculum.

‘Just One Love,’ a radical organization that provides CUSD with ‘couplets’ videos teaching the students what ‘real love is,’ shows both male and female characters in same-sex relationships holding hands and hugging. 



The Dana Point Times reported there were many parental concerns at a recent public hearing about the new updates including gender identity.

Parents at the meeting said the curriculum isn’t age-appropriate and even stated that it encourages the students to experiment with their sexuality.

The parents do have the right to opt out of the entire curriculum.

One outraged mother, whose son will be entering middle school next year at a CUSD school in Orange County, told The Gateway Pundit that she doesn’t want her children being taught about the “fringe minority.”

“As a parent, I don’t want my children being taught about the choices of a fringe minority. I want them to be taught about their biology and how that change with adolescence,” the mother said, adding, “If they’re going to include all these weird groups of people, I say they should scrap the curriculum and let the parents teach their children.”

Children, pre-teens and teenagers are very malleable and impressionable. The gender-bending, ‘gender fluid’ propaganda flooding elementary and middle schools is one reason why there is a record number of children and young adults identifying as transgender.

A record number of children are identifying as transgender in the UK according to a study published this year by the UK Deed Poll Service.

According to the study, one child under the age of 16 “transitions” every day, often with a new name.