“We know who you are! You will never be allowed in public again,” furious parents notified the school board members.


Enraged parents shouted at members of Tennessee’s Williamson County School Board after they voted to once again make masks mandatory for children in the district.

“Will not comply! Will not comply! No more masks!” the crowd shouted outside the building where the meeting was held on Tuesday night.


“There’s a bad place in Hell for you guys and everybody’s taking notes,” one of the angry parents yelled.

As the school board members made their way to their vehicles in a parking lot, police escorted them through the irate crowd.

“We know who you are!” a father told a school employee sitting in their car.

“You can leave freely, but we will find you and we know who you are,” another man added. “You will never be allowed in public again.”

One of the fleeing school board members revved his engine and caused police to back people away so he could exit without injuring anyone.

One person who spoke against the mask mandate at the meeting went viral after footage of his speech was posted online.

Similar scenes are taking place across the nation as parents stand up for their kids and push back against local governments and school districts.