Posted BY: Amber Crawford

In an interview with Steven Bannon on Tuesday, actor Jim Cavaziel, known for playing the role of Jesus in The Passion of Christ, spoke about child trafficking and the role that certain U.S. agencies play in allowing it to continue.

During the interview, Bannon focused on promoting Caviezel’s new film Sound of Freedom, which is based on the true story of a former government agent who embarked on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

Bannon asked Caviezel whether he thinks that U.S. government agencies play a role in the human trafficking industry.

“Absolutely,” replied Caviezel. “The three-letter agencies, they’re all involved.”

“Do you believe that that’s part of the senior government apparatus just does not want to touch this?” asked Bannon. “They profit off it. They don’t mind if it happens… and as you said, there are five drug agents to every human trafficking agent. This trafficking is a massive problem, people know it’s a problem.”

“That’s my opinion. I don’t know what Tim’s opinion is, but it’s definitely my opinion that this is something they don’t want to solve,” said Caviezel. “And so, it’s going to take the public to put the light on it.”

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