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Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley is demanding that current governor Gretchen Whitmer stand trial for her role in housing COVID-19 patients in nursing homes, spiking the death totals in order to create a crisis that would hurt former president Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Kelley explained during a recent appearance on Big League Politics Live that Whitmer should be given her due process rights and then have to stand trial for issuing cruel death sentences to the most vulnerable at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Executive Order 2020-50 is the executive order that directed COVID-19-positive patients into nursing homes. Multiple times, federal congress and the state legislature have requested all of the communication that went back and forth between her and the departments in order to understand how that decision is made,” he said.

“The governor’s office in the state of Michigan is not subject to FOIA, that’s the Freedom of Information Act, and so that led to her covering up all of the information around why those decisions were made and why those COVID-19-positive patients were put into nursing homes,” Kelley continued.

“So that is one of my policies is that the governor’s office, the legislature, and the judicial branch in Michigan need to be subject to FOIA. The public deserves to know the communications from our government. That’s part of my Michigan First policy,” he added.

Kelley noted that Whitmer deserves all of the blame for the failures that occurred throughout the pandemic, as she acted unilaterally under emergency powers while setting the policy.

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