(Natural News) A pattern of fires striking food facilities across the United States suggests that arson team are targeting food facilities for destruction. This theory, if confirmed, is consistent with other engineered tactics now being deployed to destroy food abundance in America:

  • The partial halting of grain and fertilizer deliveries by Union Pacific railroad, which is largely owned by Blackrock and Vanguard investment funds.
  • The mass culling of chickens and turkeys, using fraudulent PCR testing to claim there’s another “bird flu epidemic” that requires the mass destruction of egg-producing chickens (and other birds used for meat).
  • The government paying farmers to plow their crops under, effectively incentivizing the destruction of the food supply.
  • Joe Biden’s dismantling of America’s energy infrastructure (pipelines, drilling, etc.) which directly impacts agriculture, creating vastly increased prices for farming inputs such as fuel and fertilizer.
TRENDING: Cyber Attacks Could Impact Global Food Supply FBI Warns

In a recent broadcast, Black Conservative Patriot (BCP) asked his audience to crowdsource reports of fires affecting food facilities in the last few months. His audience produced the following list. It hasn’t been fully vetted, but several recent fires such as the Azure Standard fire and the Taylor Farms food processing facility fire in Salinas, California, are both widely covered in recent news stories.

– Dried milk plant – Idaho fire 10-21
– Food processing plant fire San Antonio 12-21
– JBS beef plant fire 12-21
– Mississippi poultry feed mill boiler explosion 12–21
– Hamilton Mountain poultry processing plant fire 1-22
– LeCompte Feed mill fire, Louisiana 1-22
– Bonanza meat company fire El Paso, Texas 2-22
– Shearer’s Food Plant Fire, Oregon 2-22
– Mauston Wisconsin River Meats fire 2-22
– Food bank in Maricopa county Arizona- food pantry 50,000 pounds of food destroyed by fire 3–22
– Nestle fire Arkansas. 3-22
– Walmart distribution Center fire 3–22
– Potato processing plant Penobscot, Maine 3-22
– Sherbrooke, Canada food processing fire 4-22
– Fire grain elevator plant fire, Kansas 4-22
– Fertilizer plant fire 4-22
– Azure Standard fire 4-22
– Food processing plant fire, Salinas California 4-22

Granted, there exists a certain background frequency of fires even in normal times, but this pattern of so many fires striking so many food facilities in such as short period of time is raising eyebrows.

Union Pacific railroad is shutting down transportation of grains and fertilizer, even as demand for such agricultural inputs is skyrocketing

The recent Union Pacific announcement that they would start de-platforming rail cars carrying fertilizer to US farmers only adds to the speculation that all this is somehow coordinated to create food scarcity in America. It also begs the question: As the world is running straight into a global food crisis, why would the US rail infrastructure companies decide to drop fertilizer and grain shipments?

“If we do not see reductions to the operating inventory through their voluntary efforts, then we will begin metering traffic after April 18th,” announced a Union Pacific press release that targeted at least 30 companies that ship fertilizer, grain and other goods by rail. The term “metering” means forced de-platforming, of course. Companies like CF Industries were warned that if they did not voluntarily reduce the number of rail cars they were using, they would be banished from the entire rail system.

CF Industries, in its own announcement, warned that, “Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all. By placing this arbitrary restriction on just a handful of shippers, Union Pacific is jeopardizing farmers’ harvests and increasing the cost of food for consumers.”

That same announcement revealed that 30 companies are facing similar restrictions. Union Pacific claims it is overloaded with demand and can’t handle it, so they’re buying more locomotives… a process that will likely take years to complete, if ever.

Engineered food shortages will lead to food riots and civil unrest around the world

The United Nations’ FAO is already warning that food prices are spiking at the astonishing rate of 12.6% per month, according to the FAO’s latest data (March, 2022).

The IMF, meanwhile, is publicly warning that the accelerating food supply shortages will lead to waves of social unrest across the globe. From that story:

Protests have already erupted in Peru due to unrelenting inflation, and this is probably only a taste of what is to come as the problem spreads.

Sky-high food prices, especially in poorer countries, will make it unaffordable for many families to make ends meet. This will lead to protests and riots – and as the dominoes continue to fall throughout the rest of the world, hell on earth will ensue.

“This crisis unfolds even as the global economy has not yet fully recovered from the pandemic,” says Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, the IMF’s research development director.

When even the globalist institutions are warning about widespread food riots, civil unrest and the potential for political revolutions around the world, you know things are looking rather dim.

Analysis: The engineered collapse of the US food supply is part of the collapse / reset plan to destroy America

In our analysis, these data points are not merely coincidence. They indicate a well planned, well funded scheme to create food scarcity across the USA in the second half of 2022 and extending well into 2023.

Whoever is running this plan wants Americans to panic from hunger.

That panic will of course lead to uprisings and food riots, almost certainly followed by food rationing and, eventually, government-mandated price controls.

I have also predicted that the corrupt Biden regime will direct limited food supplies to “blue” areas while starving “red” areas as a run-up to civil war in America. Biden has already indicated he will use similar powers to weaponize supplies by denying the supply of monoclonal antibodies to red states. That action is a kind of medical sanction and an act of war against the red states.

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