Rashida Tlaib called a respected and honest woman a ‘prop’ for appearing before congress on Wednesday, despite her consistent and impressive resume, just because she is black.


Lynne Patton, the former Trump administration Housing and Urban Development official and long-time associate of both Michael Cohen and President Donald Trump, responded to the accusations that she was displayed as a ‘prop’ for the president during the congressional testimony of Cohen.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Wednesday claimed Mark Meadows committed a “racist act,” by having Patton testify and accused him of using Patton as a “prop” to show that President Donald Trump is not a racist.

“Just to make a note, Mr. Chairman, just because someone has a person of color, a black people working for them, does not mean they aren’t racist,” Tlaib said. “And it is even insensitive, some would even say the fact that someone would even use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee, is alone racist in itself.”


Many people argue that this is typical of democrats who can only see a person’s color, not their accomplishments.

Patton was not happy at essentially being labeled the token minority.

She blasted Tlaib that night for playing “a race card” against Meadows and clearly stated that she does not have “the Resume of a prop.”

“Today a race card was played,” Patton posted on Instagram. “But not by Congressman Mark Meadows. But rather by those on the House Oversight Committee who sadly placed more credence on the word of a self-confessed convicted perjurer, than that of a highly-educated black woman who rose up the ranks of one of the most recognized global real-estate companies in the world, spoke before 25 million people at the Republican National Convention and now successfully oversees the largest HUD program office in the country.”

Thursday on Fox News, Patton said Tlaib was also “racist” for believing a “self-confessed perjurer and criminally convicted white man” over a “black female who’s highly educated, rose up through the ranks of one of the most competitive companies in real estate, spoke before 25 million at the Republican National Convention, and now works in one of the most historic administrations in history.”


Moreover, Patton has never shifted in her support of the president, while “one of her best friends,” Michael Cohen, suddenly did an about face within days of Mueller’s persecution.

In fact, Patton has argued that Mueller threatened Cohen’s wife with a 30-year prison sentence in order to get Cohen to flip.

Patton, after emphatically stating that her resume was not a prop, said, “It is, however, the resume of someone who remains completely unfazed by the criticism of others and laser focused,” she continued.

“After Meadows responded by telling Tlaib that “it’s racist to suggest” that he was using Patton as a “prop,” Tlaib clarified, saying she was not calling Meadows “a racist.”

“But she insisted that Meadows still committed “a racist act” even though she was not referring to him as a “racist.”

“To my colleague, Mr. Meadows, that was not my intention. I do apologize if that’s what it sounded like,” Tlaib said. “But I said ‘someone’ in general. As everybody knows in this chamber, I’m pretty direct, so if I wanted to say that I would have but that’s not what I said.”

That is ridiculous, many people argue, and demonstrate the level of real bigotry within the Muslim Rep’s mind and heart.

Patton argued she was there because it “was simply about one longtime employee disputing the testimony of another longtime employee who both know the President extremely well. Period.”

“Since the release of my viral video in May 2015, those who know me can confirm that my steadfast narrative about the Trump family has not changed,” Patton said on Instagram. “The only one of us whose narrative has changed is the one facing significant jail time. Period. My presence today was to remind Michael Cohen that honesty and integrity still matter.”

She added on Instragram, “I do not have an NDA.  I do not have a book deal.  What I DO have is the truth on my side.  And when you have that, nothing else matters.”

Of course, that truth infuriated liberals.