Source: Fox News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has claimed that women around the world are more exposed to climate change’s negative impact.

According to the New York Times Pelosi, who led a Democratic congressional delegation at the COP26 climate summit on Tuesday’s “gender day” said: “It’s a threat multiplier that amplifies and accelerates existing inequities,” “Eighty percent of people displaced by climate change globally are women.”

Fox News reports: The United Nations, which organized the summit, said women are more vulnerable to climate change due to social, economic and cultural factors.

“Seventy percent of the 1.3 billion people living in conditions of poverty are women,” the U.N. said in a report.

The report continued, “Women represent a high percentage of poor communities that are highly dependent on local natural resources for their livelihood, particularly in rural areas where they shoulder the major responsibility for household water supply and energy for cooking and heating, as well as for food security.”

Pelosi led the Democratic House delegation with 21 other lawmakers, including five House committee chairs.