(CNSNews.com) – Vice President Mike Pence promised Friday that before the Trump administration is done, the entire wall along the southern border will be built, and he called out “Democrats and their allies in the media” for their opposition to the president’s efforts to secure the border, saying, “the only thing that’s manufactured is their outrage.”

In a speech Friday at the CPAC Conference in National Harbor, Md., Pence said the administration has already started to build the wall, and he promised, “Before we’re done, we’re going to build it all.”

“No matter what you hear from the Democrats and their allies in the media, we have a crisis at our southern border, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” he said.

“For the first time ever, the majority of illegal immigrants coming into our country are unaccompanied minors and families – families that are being exploited by drug cartels and human traffickers, encouraging them to make the long and dangerous journey north at a great financial price and often at a great price to themselves and their safety and well-being,” the vice president said.

“You know when President Obama in 2014 said we had a humanitarian crisis at our southern border, 120,000 minors and family crossed our border illegally. Last year, there were 145,000, and in the last four months alone, more than 120,000 unaccompanied minors and families have been apprehended at our southern border,” he added.

“Now Democrats want to say it’s a manufactured crisis, but the only thing that’s manufactured is their outrage. Every day we don’t secure our border, we’re allowing the crisis to worsen – more lives to be endangered, more people to be exploited and more drugs to flow into our country,” Pence said.

“That’s why President Trump used his authority under the law to declare a national emergency on our southern border, but now Democrats are trying to stop the president from exercising the authority that the Congress gave him to address this real crisis,” he said.

“So today, we call on every member of Congress. Stand up for border security. Stop playing politics with the security of the American people, and stand with President Trump for a stronger and safer America,” the vice president added.