Posted BY: Lance D. Johnson

In two short years, America has gone from energy independence to an energy crisis. The average price of diesel is now $6.19 in Pennsylvania. Diesel prices are up 75 percent from one year ago. Farmers are struggling to obtain and/or afford diesel fuel and are therefore unable to get their crops out of the ground.

The Morning Call reports that Pennsylvania farmers are getting “crushed” by the record diesel prices, and the situation will most certainly affect food prices and bring about new food shortages in the coming months.

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Farmers left stranded and broke, unable to harvest this year’s crop

A report from Lehigh County, Pennsylvania found a farmer completely stranded, unable to get diesel fuel and unable to operate his tractor. He cannot afford to harvest the corn he planted earlier in the year. The farmer reached out to Kyle Kotzmoyer, a legislative affairs specialist at the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. Kotzmoyer testified to the state legislature on behalf of the farmers struggling to make ends meet. “We have reached that point to where it is very close to being a sinking ship. We are teetering on the edge right now,” Kotzmoyer told the legislature.

If farmers can’t pay to get the crops out of the ground, then the domestic US food supply will take another blow. On average, a farmer responsible for 3,500 acres will burn about 2,000 gallon of diesel every month. As the cost of farming doubles from just a year ago, many farmers may only be able to harvest a little over half of what they once produced. Many may sell their corn and bean seeds back so they can harvest hay, which has a better return on investment.

Build back better communism is punishing and impoverishing the producers

The 10 – 30 percent increase in food prices recorded in early 2022 are just an appetizer for what is to come. Americans are spending nearly $300 more a month for food and fuel than they were a year ago. Kotzmoyer warned the legislature that food shortages are only going to get worse, simply because “one, if they can’t afford to put it in the ground. Or, two, if they can’t afford to take it out,” he said.

Is a modern day holodomor taking shape and form? Will individually-owned and operated farms soon be replaced with state-run collectives? Will grocery stores bring back item limits? Will the current occupiers of the White House “inflict death” through “starvation” just to push forth their communist agenda?

The Biden regime’s “build back better” agenda continues to threaten domestic oil drilling and domestic energy supply, as a communistic ‘green new deal’ is forced into existence. Americans are being forced to ration energy and food as these disastrous policies hold. Meanwhile, there is no real-world plan to peacefully and constructively transition Americans to this glorified “carbon zero future” that the Democrats obsess over. As Americans are starved and impoverished by historic inflation, the producers across the nation continue to be threatened and punished for their hard work.

Trending: Sorry Nations Of The World, Israel Will Never Be Destroyed

This ‘build back better’ agenda is modeled off of the World Economic Forum’s communist “Great Reset” agenda. These policies are designed to destroy American independence and control the population. There’s no denying that the destruction of American energy, the world reserve currency, and the food supply is all part of a PLANNED global takeover. Many people still cluelessly and/or spinelessly go along with this diabolical agenda, having proved their allegiance to this new world order over the past two years by staying home, shutting down, accepting government dependence, donning masks and clinging to vaccine passports.