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Peru’s new government declared a 30-day national emergency on Wednesday amid violent protests following the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo that have left seven dead.

The announcement came as a judge ordered Castillo to remain in prison, on charges of rebellion and conspiracy, for another 48 hours ahead of a release hearing.

Castillo’s arrest last week after he tried to dissolve congress and rule by decree sparked days of nationwide protests.

Defense Minister Alberto Otarola announced the state of emergency due to ‘acts of vandalism and violence, [and] road blocks’. 

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The new president, Dina Boluarte, pleaded for calm as demonstrations continue against her and the Congress that ousted her predecessor.  

‘Peru cannot overflow with blood,’ Boluarte said as she floated the possibility of scheduling general elections for December 2023 to reporters.

Boluarte added: ‘We have already lived through this experience in the 80s and 90s, and I believe that we do not want to return to that painful history.’

The declaration includes the suspension of the rights of ‘personal security and freedom,’ including the rights of assembly and freedom of movement. 

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