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PHILADELPHIA, toxic smog

Philadelphia becomes the new epicenter for ‘toxic smog’ from Canada wildfires as air quality index nears max possible reading – as Biden FINALLY pledges aid

Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport

Philadelphia has now become the epicenter for toxic smog from Canadian wildfires

after the air quality in the city reached ‘hazardous’ levels. An air quality index reading recorded last night hit 431, with 500 being the highest and worst, due to ongoing wildfire smoke covering the city. The index is a measure of five common pollutants and runs on a scale from 0 to 500, with a rating over 150 considered ‘unhealthy.’ Advice given by Air Now

is urging people to stay indoors and reduce activity levels due to the toxic air outside. While New York City had recorded the worst air quality in the world on Wednesday afternoon, Philadelphia took the top spot last night. 

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On Wednesday morning, Philadelphia Public Health announced that due to the smoke, they had gone to Code Red due to the unhealthy air.

Advice issued by the city is urging people to wear a high-quality mask outdoors, avoid any form of strenuous activities, and keep air recirculating in homes using fans and AC units. 

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