What does it look like when someone suffers from self awareness issues?

It MIGHT look like a tweet from Dr. Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood, which triggered conservatives this last week.

The tweet was intended to slam President Trump regarding migrant family separation, but it ended up slamming Planned Parenthood instead. You can see the tweet below

Most people probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelash about this tweet any more than other liberal dribble.

However, the occupation of the author made the tweet especially heartless.

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As reported by Town Hall:

Wen heads the nation’s largest abortion provider which forcibly removed 332,757 unborn babies from the womb in abortions in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, according to their latest annual report.

332,757 lives. IN ONE YEAR’S TIME. How many of those lives did you personally end, Dr. Wen? And you have the nerve to complain about children being put in a different location of their parents? Really?

Now let’s look at the numbers themselves. How many immigrant children died after being removed from their parents at the border?

According to The Guardian, the number in 2018 was only 5, and the deaths didn’t occur from being treated “forcibly,” but from illness such as pneumonia and the flu.

When you compare 5 lives to 332,757 lives, it makes Wen’s tweet incredibly insensitive. Prominent conservative leader Ben Shapiro also found it insensitive, as well as his followers.

The reply that he gave had 11,839 likes at the time of this article’s publication:

I applaud Shapiro and all others who bring attention to the abortion-industry hypocrisy in all of it’s forms and I hope that Wen’s silly tweet will continue to give fuel to the Pro-Life fire.

Thanks, Doc!

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