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BIDEN’S BAD NEWS — It’s a morning of rough headlines for President JOE BIDEN:

1. Biden’s approval rating is down to 36% in the new Washington Post-ABC poll out this morning. That’s the lowest number of his presidency in the Post-ABC survey and a drop from February when he stood at 42%.

That alone would be bad enough for Biden’s world. But things get worse from there.

In a head-to-head matchup against DONALD TRUMP in 2024:

  • Trump … 44%
  • Biden … 38%
  • Undecided/neither/someone else … 18%

And when undecided respondents are asked who they lean toward, Trump’s lead grows:

  • Trump … 49%
  • Biden … 42%
  • Neither/someone else/ wouldn’t vote … 8%

One big question: Is this simply a polling outlier? WaPo’s Dan Balz, Scott Clement and Emily Guskin note that “[o]ther recent polls have pegged Biden’s approval in the low 40s without a decline in recent months.” And it’s worth mentioning that this is a poll of voting-age adults, rather than the more frequently used universes of registered or likely voters. So it’s certainly possible that this is an anomaly.

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But if it isn’t, then it’s the start of potentially a much bigger headache for the president — especially as he heads into the 2024 campaign with clouds on the horizon for the economy. The poll shows that by a 54% to 36% margin, “Americans say Trump did a better job handling the economy when he was president than Biden has done during his presidency so far.”

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