One of the greatest rights that we have in this country is the ability to own a gun. People own guns for various reasons including protection, sport, or they want to protect themselves from our tyrannical government. Whatever the reason is, the Constitution allows them the right to own a gun.

When our Founding Fathers were coming up with the first set of rules for this country, they made a specific Amendment for owning a gun. The right was so important that it was chosen second, not tenth.

It has been that way since the Constitution was first passed! And yet we still have to deal with Democrats that want to restrict that particular Amendment so much that it’s almost unrecognizable. That is exactly what Hillary Clinton plans to do if she gets into the White House.

A report from the Washington Times has confirmed that Clinton would ban “some of the most popular” guns in the United States if she gets into the Oval Office! But that isn’t all she would do. The report also shows that she would continue to decimate the Second Amendment with new gun control laws and regulations.

Of course Clinton tries to play it cool. She “reassures law-abiding Americans their firearms won’t be targeted” if she wins. Except that is completely false! Her gun control laws would be broad measures “that would affect Americans with no criminal records.” Not only that, it would have LITTLE IMPACT on the criminals that have guns!

Here is a prime example. Clinton is calling “for a reinstatement of the national assault weapons ban and a prohibition on high-capacity magazines.” That “assault weapons” ban just took an entire category of guns away from law-abiding citizens! That was something that Clinton assured wouldn’t happen!

Not only that, but the “high capacity” magazine ban would FORCE law-abiding citizens to fork over their “high capacity” magazines to government officials. It’s either that or they would destroy them. She isn’t even elected and yet this is the type of action that would happen in a Clinton presidency!

So what about those criminals? Since criminals always listen to what the government says, we have nothing to worry about right? WRONG! Criminals would KEEP their guns and “high capacity” magazines. You know what that means? They would have an advantage over law-abiding citizens that listened to Clinton!

It’s bad enough that Clinton wants to take the guns away from people, but unfortunately it gets even worse. She would call for an expansion of background checks that the federal law would mirror the laws that exist in California, Colorado, and Washington State.

Looking at those states something comes up that shouldn’t shock anyone. They have such strict background check laws that people just don’t get weapons. And since criminals don’t obey the law they keep their weapons. As a result, those three states were the background to some of the nation’s most recent high profile shootings!

So putting two and two together increased background checks means that more innocent people are going to get hurt. They can’t defend themselves with their own gun, so they are at the complete mercy of the criminal! Do you want to put yourself at the mercy of a criminal, or do you want to be able to protect yourself AND your family?

There is still one last act that Clinton would do if she were President. She would have the Supreme Court revisit the District of Columbia v Heller (2008) ruling. A revisit would lead to the possibility of either tweaking or ELIMINATING the court’s reaffirmation of the individual right to keep and bear arms.

Those are just some of the horrors that would arise from a Clinton presidency. A Constitutional right that has been in the United States since the formation of the country would cease to exist. And yet she wants to claim that she wouldn’t have any laws that would affect the law-abiding citizens.

Donald Trump put it the best in the third presidential debate. “I believe if my opponent should win this race, which I really don’t think will happen, we will have a Second Amendment which will be a very, very small replica of what it is right now.”

But this has been the Democrats plan all along. They want to see this country completely devoid of all guns whatsoever. But they fail to realize that law-abiding citizens are NOT the people causing damage! It’s CRIMINALS!

Speaking of criminals, this isn’t the first time that Clinton has tried to change our gun laws. She actually believes that terrorism can be defeated, which it can, but her way wouldn’t do anything to stop it. She thinks that terrorism can only be defeated if you collect all the guns in the United States. Yes, that is what she thinks.

But she isn’t just going after the guns in the United States; she’s targeting the gun manufacturers as well! Clinton wants to sue firearm companies for crimes that are committed from their manufactured guns. It doesn’t matter if a CRIMINAL took the gun from the registered owner. Clinton just wants to see the gun manufacturers gone!

Share this article with your friends and family to show some of the actions that would happen if Clinton were to set foot in the Oval Office. The Constitutional right to own a gun would cease to exist, as we know it. If you value your right to own a gun for whatever reason, then you cannot let Clinton get elected.

We need to make sure that Donald Trump gets elected. Otherwise a Clinton presidency would completely destroy the Second Amendment. Something that our Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to put into the document that defines this nation would be completely erased.