Poland may join Italy and Hungary in an effort to protect its people from the globalist insect food initiatives.

Anti-Bug Law

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

A Polish deputy agriculture minister has proposed an “anti-bug law” which would require all food products containing insects to be labeled with a special warning.

The move by the member of the ruling conservative party comes amid accusations that if progressive opposition parties win power during this year’s elections, they will push an Orwellian ‘eat the bugs’ campaign to restrict the consumption of traditional meat. The opposition has not formally announced any such plans, according to Notes from Poland.

Dried mealworm larvae, powdered cricket – these are among the insects that the eurocrats and Rafał Trzaskowski [the opposition mayor of Warsaw] call new food,” said Janusz Kowalski, a deputy agriculture minister, while unveiling the plans in parliament on Thursday. “That is why we, United Poland [Solidarna Polska], have initiated the preparation of legal regulations, following the examples of Hungary and Italy, that will give Polish consumers clear knowledge about food products containing so-called bug additives,” he continued.

This is an anti-bug law.”

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