Most Americans also don’t approve of his handling of most other issues. Comes as puppet president signals he will run for reelection in 2024, to the horror of Democrats.

Source: Nworeport

A new corporate media poll released Sunday found that two-thirds of those surveyed disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of inflation.

The CBS News-YouGov poll conducted this month also found that 56% of respondents disapproved of Biden’s job in an office and 44% approved. 

“The results of the poll did not bode well for Biden, with less than half of respondents approving of his handling of major issues such as race relations, the economy, immigration, and inflation. Only 33 percent of those surveyed approved of Biden’s handling of inflation with the remaining 67 percent saying they disapproved,” The Hill reported.

Additionally, 64% of survey participants rated the national economy as being either “fairly bad” or “very bad.”

“Gas prices are a particular reason people cite for why they think the overall economy is bad — and that’s another window into how people process and measure what exactly the ‘economy’ is when asked to evaluate it, focusing at the moment on things of immediate cost and concern. About half of Americans are at least somewhat concerned about their ability to afford gas right now,” CBS News reported.

CBS News tried whitewashing the true cause of inflation, claiming most people believe it’s caused by supply chain shortages, higher consumer demand, and spending bills.

But of course, the real reason behind ANY inflation is the Federal Reserve Banking cartel, which has expanded the U.S. money supply by 40% over the last year alone in the wake of Covid.

So how has Biden been handling the inflation? Well, by pushing multi-trillion dollar social welfare spending bills of course!

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