Source: Breitbart

Nearly a third of Americans think health officials are lying about vaccine safety, according to a Rasmussen poll released Friday.

“Distrust of public health officials is higher among the unvaccinated, particularly those who say they don’t plan to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in the future,” according to the poll report.

Thirty-two percent of American adults think public health officials are lying about coronavirus vaccine safety, a number which rises to almost two-thirds among those who do not intended to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Joe Rogan is joined by Dr. Pierre Kory, an ICU and lung specialist who is an expert on the use of the drug ivermectin to treat COVID-19. Also joining is Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist, visiting fellow at Princeton, host of the DarkHorse podcast, and co-author (with his wife, Heather Heying) of the forthcoming “A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century.”

Forty-eight percent of Americans do not think health officials are lying and 20 percent are not sure.

Of those surveyed, 63 percent said they had already gotten a coronavirus vaccination and 32 percent had not. More than half of those who have not been vaccinated do not plan to do so in the future. 

Among those who have already gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, only 21 percent think public health officials are lying about the safety of vaccines. That number rises to 50 percent, however, among the unvaccinated, while 63 percent of those who say they aren’t vaccinated against coronavirus and don’t plan to get the vaccine in the future believe public health officials are lying about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

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