Posted BY: Breitbart

Republican voters are growing more concerned about migration’s demographic impact on their nation, according to a YouGov poll.

The poll also shows that a large slice of the Democratic Party is eager for a high-migration society in which whites are a minority.

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The poll asked: “By the year 2050, a majority of the population will be made up of people who are Black, Asian, Hispanic, and other racial minorities.”

Respondents were evenly split: 22 percent said the demographic change would be a “very” or a “somewhat” good thing,” while 20 percent said a “very” or a “somewhat” bad thing.

The two parties were mirror images of each other, according to the May 16-19 YouGov pollof 1,000 adults.

Thirty percent of people who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 say it would be “a very good thing,” and 14 percent said “a somewhat” good thing.

Just 3 percent of President Donald Trump’s voters said it would be a “very good thing.”  But 19 percent said it would be a “very bad thing,” and 21 percent said it would be “somewhat bad.”

Overall, 44 percent of Democrats approve and 40 percent of Republicans oppose the demographic change.

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