Source: Nworeport

New polls show that American voters are increasingly uninterested and unsupportive of the House of Representatives’ probe of the January 6 Capitol breach.

The New York Post has reported on the findings of two recent Morning Consult polls. The first Morning Consult poll revealed that a narrow majority of Republicans, 52 percent, now oppose the special House committee’s investigation of the Capitol breach, which is up nine points from mid-to-late June. Independent voters have been even more unsupportive as of late, with only 52 percent supporting the investigation, down from 65 percent.

The second Morning Consult poll, published Thursday, showed that investigation support has declined among all voters, from 66 percent in June to just 53 percent in late July. Voters are even less likely to blame Donald Trump and congressional Republicans for the Capitol chaos as they previously were, whereas there have been slight increases in blame on Joe Biden and congressional Democrats for being “somewhat” to “very” responsible for what happened leading up to the attack.

This week saw the select House committee’s first hearing on the Capitol breach. It began Tuesday with testimony from four police officers, two of them belonging to the US Capitol Police. Only two Republicans are sitting on the committee: Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Both of them have broken with the rest of the GOP in their unequivocal condemnation and disavowal of former president Donald Trump, whom they claim instigated and is thus fully responsible for the events on January 6.