Employees “freaking out” at news it’s being shut down.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

CNN+ staffers were in “total and utter shock” at the news their failed network was being shut down, with some reacting to the news by “freaking out,” it has been revealed.

Earlier this week it was announced Discovery would shut down the network just one month after its launch due to massively underwhelming subscriber numbers.

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Last week, it was revealed that fewer than 10,000 people were watching CNN+ per day, despite the network luring Chris Wallace from Fox News and Kasie Hunt from NBC News.

Staffers’ reaction to the announcement the network would be shut down on April 30 sounded like they were being informed of a loved one’s death.

According to CNN’s Oliver Darcy, “One CNN+ staffer described the sentiment as “total and utter shock” that morphed into despair. “At first people were really freaking out. And then, toward the end of the meeting, it just turned to sadness. Every team was just huddling with each other.”

Others apparently turned to “whisky and wine” to drown their sorrows.

CNN+ content will now be moved to HBO Max and the newly combined Warner Brothers Discovery has to figure out how to fill a $55 billion corporate debt black hole.

Imagine thinking people would pay to watch CNN. Whose bright idea was that?