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Roger Stone joined the Joe Hoft Show on TNT Radio on Friday and covered a number of topics from JFK to the 2024 Election.

Roger Stone has a wealth of knowledge from his many years in politics going back to the Nixon Administration.  The Deep State and criminal DOJ persecuted him during President Trump’s years in office.   He’s still under duress as he’s now involved in 11 cases from the evil Deep State, down from 17.

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Despite all this Stone is upbeat and offers his thoughts freely on various topics.

Stone weighed in on Twitter and its now-known connections with the Deep State FBI at the 18:20 minute mark:

Well, Twitter of course Joe, is ultimately the source of the 2-year ordeal that my wife and I were put through simply because I set a Google News Alert for WikiLeaks and for Julian Assange.  And for my own personal Twitter account, I accurately predicted based on things Assange had actually said based on interviews that WikiLeaks had obtained a substantial amount of information regarding Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee and that they would drop it during the fall of 2016.

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