M.I.A. claimed that celebrities who promoted Covid jabbing should be punished for lying.

Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

Pop singer M.I.A. has been dropped from GQ magazine’s upcoming ‘Men of the Year Awards’ after defending controversial radio host Alex Jones, and suggesting that celebrities “pushing vaccines” should pay damages. M.I.A. responded by saying the magazine’s staff “don’t have balls.”

The British singer shared a message from GQ on Twitter on Friday, in which one of the magazine’s editors canceled her appearance at the awards night, as well as an upcoming photoshoot. The decision to drop the singer was made due to the “controversial nature” of her “current twitter activity,” the message explained.

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The ‘Paper Planes’ singer was dismissive. “You print words for living,” she responded. “How do you judge man of the year when you don’t have balls?”

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