Source: Brock Simmons

Another manufactured covfefe is brewing in Portland (of course), where Portland Police Lieutenant Jeff Niiya is accused of playing too nice with pro-Trump organizer Joey Gibson, who has staged many rallies and protests in and around Portland under his organization Patriot Prayer. Surely you’ve seen the videos and pictures here on The Gateway Pundit of the brawls and chaos from these events as antifa agitators usually show up to start fights.

Niiya is part of the central precinct command and the commander of the bureau’s Rapid Response Team, aka Riot Squad. He has been assigned to command roles during nearly every protest over the past several years.

A string of text messages between Niiya and Gibson were found in a public records request by one of Portland’s pro antifa rags, Willamette Week. The document dump shows hundreds of text messages that were sent back and forth between Gibson and Niiya, with Niiya passing on some of the information to other officers.

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