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4-year-old Santino Godoy Blanco tragically passed away from pneumonia on Nov. 3, according to multiple reports.

In Argentina, Blanco was the face of a national vaccination campaign.

Below is a picture from the campaign promoting vaccinations against measles, rubella, mumps, and polio.

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The Western Journal reported:

As multiple Argentinian outlets are reporting, the actual circumstances of Blanco’s tragic passing are raising some eyebrows.

Detail Zero noted that Blanco’s mother has filed a “complaint for abandonment” against Dr. Raul F. Larcade Municipal Hospital.

According to Blanco’s mother, her child had complained for a week that he wasn’t feeling well.

Blanco also reportedly suffered from a high fever.

The hospital, however, is being accused of sending the child back several times.

While the autopsy ultimately determined that Blanco died of pneumonia, the child reportedly received several different diagnoses, including gastroenterocolitis and laryngitis.

The mother, Augustina, explained that at first she was told her son’s condition was a viral issue. After the initial visit, in which she went because her son’s fever would not go down with basic ibuprofen, they were given the viral diagnosis and returned home.

That’s when Blanco began throwing up. His condition only worsened from there, before he eventually died.

“I’m not going to stop until the doctors who treated my son are removed,” Augustina allegedly told San Miguel Mayor Jaime Mendez.

Blanco’s tragic death is another example of the alarming trend of perfectly healthy young people passing away unexpectedly.