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As Congress returns to Capitol Hill amidst a backdrop of deep divisions, the primary focus is on averting a government shutdown and addressing key issues on their September agenda. Lawmakers face a tight schedule, with only 11 days left before the government’s fiscal year ends on September 30, leaving little room for maneuver.

Keeping the Government Open: One of the most pressing matters is passing a short-term funding measure, known as a continuing resolution, to keep government offices operational while budget negotiations continue. House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces resistance from within his party, including some conservatives who support the idea of a government shutdown. The situation is further complicated by the House Freedom Caucus’s right-wing demands that are unlikely to pass in the Senate, potentially requiring McCarthy to secure significant Democratic support, a risky endeavor.

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Impeachment Inquiry: Republicans in the House have been pursuing investigations into the Biden administration, with a focus on Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, including with the Ukrainian company Burisma. McCarthy has hinted at the possibility of an impeachment inquiry, but it remains uncertain whether he can garner enough GOP support for such a move, as moderate Republicans have hesitated to back a full-fledged impeachment hunt.

Ukraine and Disaster Funding: The White House has requested over $40 billion in emergency funding, including $13 billion for military aid to Ukraine, $8 billion in humanitarian support, and $12 billion to replenish U.S. federal disaster funds. This request coincides with Ukraine’s counteroffensive against the Russian invasion. However, support for Ukraine among Republicans is not uniform, and it remains uncertain whether the funding for Ukraine and disaster relief will be bundled together in legislation.

In summary, Congress faces a challenging return to address pressing issues such as government funding, impeachment inquiries, and emergency funding. The outcome of these deliberations will shape the course of government operations and policy decisions in the coming months, with critical implications for the Biden administration and the nation as a whole.