“They are at more risk from the vaccine!”

Source: Steve Watson

Anthony Fauci and Barack Obama spontaneously turned up at an elementary school in Washington DC to watch and encourage kids to get vaccinated Tuesday.

The pair ‘surprised’ students at Kimball Elementary School, where a ‘pop up’ vaccination clinic was set up.

They then spoke about how all children should get vaccinated with the experimental MRNA COVID shots because science:

Meanwhile, Senator Rand Paul slammed Fauci for claiming once again that ‘I am science’.

Paul noted that “when a government bureaucrat has the audacity, the arrogance, to say they represent all of science, we should be running the other way.”

Paul added, “Science has nothing to do with having obedience to any kind of government dogma. And you have to realize that most of what Fauci talks about isn’t science, he’s not talking about a study on this or a study of that. He’s talking about wearing a mask.”

Paul cited the case of Sweden, where “1.8 million children have not been wearing masks for the last two years, they’ve had zero COVID deaths. And you say, well, have the teachers been infected? Well, it turns out the teachers are infected at the same rate as the rest of the public. So, they’ve had no masks for a year, year and a half. And it has worked. And that’s a whole country. “

“But if you question [Fauci], somehow you are questioning science because he represents all science. That is incredibly arrogant,” Paul urged.