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Source: Daily Mail

Cops have shot a 26-year-old black woman who claimed she was pregnant as they searched for a vehicle involved in an armed car jacking.

Kansas City police fired at Leonna Hale five times after she told them there was a gun in the car and as a man who was with her fled just before 8pm on Friday.

Horrified witnesses claimed the suspect had been trying to cooperate before she was gunned down and handcuffed on the ground as blood seeped through her white t-shirt.

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She was rushed to hospital after suffering serious injuries but was in a stable condition. The man, who was said to be her boyfriend, she was with also taken in by medics on an unrelated medical issue.

Cops said a gun was recovered from near the car – but it was not clear if the woman had been holding it – and they had launched a full investigation while the two officers involved were put on administrative leave.

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