Posted BY: Mark Andrew Dwyer

When I watch the news and read statements and opinions written by non-left politicians and pundits, I can’t help but notice a number of disagreements, contentious disputes, and quarrels that at times, end up with name-calling and pejorative epithets. Under normal circumstances, the lively debate would be a sign of a healthy political system that has incorporated the idea of divided government and checks and balances as a practical remedy against dictatorship, totalitarianism, and similar forms of oppression against the common people.

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But these days, the political situation is far from being normal as our great republic and its bedrock of time-proven principles are attacked by a well-organized syndicate of hostile-to-America globalists/socialists who use their remarkable strategic skills and amoral intelligence to weaponize our exceptionally successful socio-economic system against all those who would like to protect and preserve it — and these villains have reliable support in the average (uninformed) Democrat voters still reeling with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and even some Republicans.

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