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The Deep State is really desperate at this point. Making up charges out of thin air so they can try to stop President Trump from returning to the White House. Yes, it all looks bad for Trump. It looks like they got him right? No, they don’t have anything. President Trump is under the direct protection of Father God and Father God has said for years through his Prophets that President Trump would have 2 Terms in the White House. Nothing they do can stop that from happening. The Deep State know they do not have much time. At this point, they are completely desperate.

Things are really about to get REAL with the Deep State and the people that have tried to destroy our country. Do not lose faith do not turn your back on Father God. He is with us! Keep your eyes open and your faith strong!! Watch very closely what is happening and how they try to distract from what’s really going on. Distraction is one of the main weapons these people use. More and more people are waking up to that fact and they know it. Keep your eyes on the Prize and know that these Freaks who are running everything into tthe ground are about to be gone! A Jesus revolution is coming!

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