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President Trump in his latest statement just raised a lot of eyebrows in his latest statement.

In recent weeks multiple outlets and political commentators have stated that President Trump will be reinstated soon.

Trump who’s always quick to comment on ongoing news hasn’t denied that he will be reinstated but rather in his latest statement he added more speculation that he will be reinstated.

In his most recent press release Trump bashed  the recent SNL(Saturday Night Live) story that stated  Trump asked the Department of Justice to investigate SNL.

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The last three words of his statement stole the show though because it read “2024 or before”.

He could’ve just wrote “2024”, but it appears President Trump is not giving up  hope about being reinstated in the near future.

Take a look at Trump’s full statement:

President Donald Trump fanned outlandish speculation that he could be reinstated in the White House on Tuesday.

In a statement shared by conservative outlet RSB News, Trump repeated the falsehood that the vote of November 2020 was a “very Fraudulent Election” and concluded with: “2024 or before!”

The suggestion that Trump could be reinstated before the next presidential election has been floated by his most ardent supporters for months, and the former president is said to have embraced the idea.

But while Trump continues to deny the validity of the election result, the idea of reinstatement continues to hold sway with his supporters.

In a recent poll, almost a third of Republican voters said it was “likely” Trump would return to office this year.

Former President Trump pushed back on a report that he asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to look into “Saturday Night Live” while in office, calling it “total fake news.”

Trump often lashed out at “SNL” for its skits about him. In his tweet in March 2019, the then-president even suggested that the FCC or Federal Elections Commission should look into the sketch show for knocking him “without so much of a mention of ‘the other side.’”

The former president continued to blast late-night comedy shows in his statement Tuesday, saying they should be “illegal campaign contributions” to the Democrats. He also reasserted without evidence that his loss in the 2020 presidential election was a result of fraud.

“With all of that being said, however, I do believe that the 100% one-sided shows should be considered an illegal campaign contribution from the Democrat Party, hard to believe I got 75 million votes (the most of any sitting President) despite all of that, together with a very Fraudulent Election. 2024 or before!” Trump added.

President Trump believes he will be President before 2024, what do you think?