Posted BY: Billy M | NwoReport

While Donald Trump remains coy over whether he will make a second run fro the White House in 20204, attention is turning to another name in the Republican party who could very well give the former president a run for his money. 

Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis.has emerged as a possible candidate for the Republican party’s presidential nomination.

Indeed, DeSantis beat Trump in a recent straw poll asking conservatives who they’d like to see at the top of the ticket in 2024. 

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The poll was taken at the Western Conservative Summit earlier this month where 1,114 attendees were asked to check off as many candidates as they’d like to see run in 2024 from a list of top potentials. 

DeSantis, 43, was checked off by 71.0 percent of respondents, Trump by 67.8, and Sen. Ted Cruz in third by 28.7 percent. DeSantis also won the straw poll last year. 

DeSantis’ rising star within GOP ranks is said to have rattled the former president so much that he is now looking at various ways to unsettle any plans the Florida governor may have for a presidential bid of his own. They include Trump launching his 2024 from the Sunshine State and hosting a massive party close to the governor’s mansion. 

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