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Remember when Biden made one of his signature disastrous decisions to leave Afghanistan and put the lives of hundreds of American civilians at risk resulting in 13 dead American soldiers?

Remember when Biden left tens of billions of military equipment and strategic bases behind?

Well, the media doesn’t, in fact, they love to forget.

Here’s what President Trump had to say about it to Fox News:

“They don’t talk about it anymore. They don’t talk about it, purposely,” Trump said. “It was so bad that it was killing him. Two, three days after it ended, they stopped even mentioning it.”

“What they did with the so-called withdrawal, which was really a surrender, what they did, it was the most embarrassing, horrible thing, and I don’t know that we ever psychologically recover from that,” Trump said.

Trump, during his administration, brokered a deal with the Taliban for a May 2021 troop withdrawal.

“Don’t forget, I’m the one that brought it down to 2,500 troops,” Trump said. “I would have been out too, but we would have been out with strength. We would have come out with strength.”

Strength. That’s why you got 80 million real votes, Mr. President!

That’s the difference between patriotic leadership and leftist foreign policies.

So what’s the result of the surrender to the Taliban?

According to President Trump, it’s the loss of Bagram the Fox News article continues:

Trump told Fox News that even while he planned to eventually withdraw from Afghanistan, he would have maintained hold over the Parwan Detention Facility—a military prison at the Bagram Air Base.

“We would have kept Bagram because it is next to China,” Trump explained. “And it is one hour away from their nuclear facility, and we gave that up too.”

He added: “And now China’s going to take over Bagram, in my opinion.”

Communist China has put the world into a recession because of its gain-of-function research and is now in a position to take Bagram and other key military infrastructure in Afghanistan.

Some Twitter users revealed darker secretes about Bagram:

Here’s an idea Biden; next time you decide to put the lives of American’s at risk and make us look like fools around the world, why don’t you go to the frontlines and protect the nation.