Source: Jim Hoft

President Trump joined Newsmax TV on Friday morning where he was joined by his former ambassador and DNI Rick Grenell.

Trump did not hold back and was not censored.
This interview took place one day before his Ohio rally on Saturday and one week after meeting Newsmax founder Chris Ruddy on the golf course.

President Trump continues to point out the insanity and fraud of the 2020 election.

President Trump: “The election was a disgrace. Probably the most dishonest election we’ve ever had in this country. I don’t think probably is even the appropriate word. The people really want to have hope. They got cheated on the election, it was rigged… You have 45-55 thousand and then you lose the state. Oh really? I don’t think so. He [Biden] couldn’t fill up the circles, then all of a sudden they miraculously won. But a lot of things are happening about that subject and we’ll see how that all turns out.”