Source: Joe Hoft

President Trump’s chief spokesperson, Liz Harrington, dropped a MOAB of a tweet yesterday that is causing liberal heads to explode. 

The lovely Ms. Harrington is President Trump’s Chief spokesperson but here’s how far-left Wikipedia describes her:

Liz Harrington has been described as the chief spokeswoman for former US president Donald Trump since June 2021, replacing Jason Miller. She is a former spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

But when googling Liz Harrington this is what you see first thing in your results:

Online they actually add the word “lunatic” to Liz Harrington’s title.  The far-left gangs at Big Tech and Big Media and the communist Democrats can’t stand her.  This must be because she is effective.  They hate those who are effective and stand up.

This tweet from Harrington last night is why the lunatic left hates her.

Here’s the picture Harrington tweeted for when Twitter takes this down:

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