Source: Christopher Chantrill

I expect you all have read President Xi’s speech on the hundredth anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. I have, and I was shocked. Not because of the Commie stuff, but the Whiteness. Said President Xi Jingping:

China is a great nation.

What? Nation? You and I know that “nation” is Whiteness squared, the very instantiation of white oppression and systemic racism. Nation equals Nationalist equals Nazi: Literally Hitler.

President Xi continues, recalling the struggle to dig China out of its century of humiliation:

As noble-minded patriots sought to pull the nation together, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement, the Reform Movement of 1898, the Yihetuan Movement, and the Revolution of 1911 rose one after the other, and a variety of plans were devised to ensure national survival, but all of these ended in failure.

Ahem. The Taiping rebellion was the idea of a Chinese kid who had failed his state examinations and decided he was the brother of Jesus Christ. Whiteness. The 1898 Reform was all about building a modern education system, applying principles of capitalism, and rapid industrialization. Whiteness! At least the Yihetuan Movement — Boxer Rebellion to you — really was an anti-western, anti-Christian, anti-Whiteness movement. The 1911 Revolution established the Republic of China. As White as snow.

Then, of course, there’s the incandescent moment of Creation in 1921: the Virgin Birth of the Communist Party, the idea of white guy Karl Marx. And by the way, the first party congress was held at 106 Rue Wantz in the French Concession in Shanghai. Sounds like a colonialist plot to me: Whiteness. There’s more at my blog.

Okay. Let’s leave all the lefty Whiteness behind us and think about what President Xi is really telling us. He is telling us about the utter chaos and misery that ensues when a long-established ruling class finds itself challenged by powerful foreigners. Imagine the Chinese asking themselves: what’s the problem, why has our glorious emperor lost the Mandate of Heaven? What do these horrible foreigners from beyond the seas know that we don’t know? What’s the magic trick?

Notice that in President Xi’s sweeping “narrative” China tried everything: Christianity, western capitalist and technocratic ideas, revolt against the west, republicanism, Communism.

But the butcher’s bill!

• Taiping rebellion: 30-50 million dead in a population of 450 million.
Civil war: 13 million dead in a population of 500 million.

That’s before the Communists took power and gave the butchers executive powers:

Great Leap Forward: 15-55 million dead in a population of 500-900 million.
• Cultural Revolution: “hundreds of thousands to 20 million” in a population of 900 million.

And what did the poor bloody Chinese get for all that suffering and death? The crazed Whiteness doctrines of Marx and Engels that all the smart White people in the mid-20th century knew were going to save the world. That’s why the successful revolutionaries of Russia, India, and China were all socialists of one kind or another. They were talking to the smart people in the West, the intellectual parents of our present glorious ruling class. They knew!

Another take on China is from David Aikman’s Jesus in Beijing which starts with the analysis of a “Dr. Wu.” Wu relates the stages through which the Chinese went as they tried to understand western hegemony. First, they thought it was guns, then politics, then economics. But finally, they realized it was all about Christianity.

The Christian moral foundation of social and cultural life was what made possible the emergence of capitalism, and then the successful transition to democratic politics.

Okay, I admit it. It is insulting to represent this awful Time of Troubles that the Chinese people endured as a battle with Whiteness. Let’s not talk about Whiteness, let’s talk about America.

Let’s think about what President Reagan Washington will say 50 years hence when he reviews the glorious arc of the Great American Commoner Era.

Of course, he will start by saying that

America is, and ever has been, a city on a hill, a light unto the nations.

And he will tell the “narrative” of the Commoner Movement, that began as the Silent Majority, was reborn again and again, as Reagan Democrats, the Contract with America, the Tea Party, the Trump Deplorables, the Great Restoration of 2024, the Black Exodus, the Rectification of the Bureaucrats, the Suicide of the Wokies.

And, to deafening cheers from a huge multitude and a parade of flag-bedecked trucks that extends to the horizon, the president will retell the story of the glorious Humiliation of St. Louis in 2052 when the Chief Priests of Education, Media, Tech, and Activism all took the knee under the Gateway Arch before the National Council of Canceled American Heroes and received absolution for their wasted century of educated domination and hegemony over the American Middle Class.

Okay. I made that last one up. But wouldn’t it be fun! All-American fun, like baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and the Fourth of July.