Posted BY: Paul Krause

It is now fashionable to deride our presidents as part of the woke deconstruction and desecration of America. Two of America’s most noble presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whom Presidents’ Day honors most especially,  are routinely scrutinized by the vandals running through our country and institutions. Why?

The two most consequential presidents are the ones whom they woke to despise most. Washington is the “Father” of the United States. But what America is he the father of? The America of liberty, the rule of law, and defender of freedom, or the America of racism, white supremacy, and historical injustices? Likewise, Lincoln held the union together, is remembered as the Great Emancipator, and ensured that a united America would stride into the next century in which the United States would be the great bastion of freedom against the totalitarianism of modernity. Or was he guilty of perpetuating the sins of the past as is now becoming trendy to assert?

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The hatred of Washington is very straightforward. Humans live by stories. Because we live by stories, Washington is the central figure in whom two stories of America can be told: the America of liberty, justice, and the rule of law or the America of racism and injustice.

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