Hostile question from a typically Biden-friendly outlet comes as NYT reports Democrats seeking a less senile candidate. The Press secretary goes on a lying spree as she attempts in vain to defend Biden admin’s disastrous economic policies.

Posted BY: Adan Salazar

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a bad day Monday, having to defend Joe Biden’s disastrous inflation numbers and deteriorating mental stamina from, of all people, CNN.

During an interview Monday evening, Jean-Pierre responded with astonished laughter to CNN host Don Lemon, who asked if the 79-year-old president had the “stamina, mentally and physically” to run for re-election in 2024.

“Don?! You’re asking me this question?! Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed.

“He’s the President of the United States, you know, he… I can’t even keep up with him!”

“That is not a question that we should be even asking!” she asserted.

The hostile question from the typically Biden-friendly outlet came as a report from the New York Times over the weekend claimed Democrats were seeking a less senile candidate.

“That [NYT] article that we’re talking about is hearsay, it’s salacious,” Jean-Pierre told Lemon. “That’s not what we care about we care about ‘How are we going to deliver for the American people? How are we going to make our lives better?’ That’s what the president talks about, that’s his focus.”

On Monday, the press secretary issued a tweet on the subject, insisting Biden would run again in 2024.

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Elsewhere during the interview, Jean-Pierre delivered a whopper when she claimed Americans can economically whether inflation.

“They also say last year’s stimulus package contributed to inflation, Karine,” Lemon told the press secretary, also underscoring high gas prices. “Does the Biden administration bear some responsibility for this?”

Jean-Pierre claimed the stimulus positioned Americans to “take on inflation.”

“In order to take this [inflation] on, we gotta be in a good historic economic place… which is where we are right now,” she absurdly added.

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In reality, a recent Northwestern Mutual study showed Americans have about $9,000 less in savings than this time last year.

Asked about the stimulus’ contribution to inflation during a White House press briefing earlier in the day, Jean-Pierre denied it led to “historic inflation.”

She then claimed Biden took the process of nominating a new Federal Reserve chair “very seriously,” despite him waiting til December when inflation was already at 5%.

The press secretary then reassured Americans the Biden admin is “watching closely” as the stock market wiped out all its gains since Biden took office, then pivoted to blaming “global challenges” and “Putin’s price hike” for inflation.

Then came the 10-seconds of dead air when she was caught flat-footed by a reporter’s question on the baby formula shortage.

Overall, Monday was pretty rough for the press secretary tasked with gaslighting the American people and defending an indefensibly inept administration.