Prison officials in New York are worried that convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein could end up like Jeffrey Epstein during his stay at Riker’s Island, according to TMZ, which reports that ‘high-ranking officials at NYC’s Department of Corrections’ say there’s ‘anxiety running through the ranks about another “Epstein incident” on their watch.’

Source: Tyler Durden

For starters, we’re told one possibility is that Weinstein will be housed in a private section of Rikers Island’s North Infirmary Command, which is for high-profile inmates or guys with health issues — Harvey fits both. He could land in the “ANNEX,” with the other dudes falling apart.

Once he’s there and all checked in, our sources say HW will probably get his own cell with round-the-clock surveillance cameras watching his every move. And, when he’s out walking around, we’re told he’ll have DOC officials escorting him. There’s a reason for that. –TMZ

After a series of suspicious failures – including guards who allegedly fell asleep and mysteriously broken cameras – Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell. It was ruled a suicide.

TMZ reports that Weinstein is ‘milking his stay at the Bellevue Hospital’ after complaining of chest pains. He apparently has his own room there in conditions ‘much nicer than what’s waiting for him at Rikers.’

Weinstein faces at least five years in prison after Monday’s conviction.