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Private Documents Reveal Trudeau Was Going to Use Tanks to Stop Freedom Convoy Protests Similar to What China did In Tiananmen Square Where a massacre took place against Protesters

Posted BY: Sarah Arnold  

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Documents reveal that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau inquired about the use of martial law in February during the Freedom Convoy protests. 

Two of Canada’s federal ministers talked

about using tanks against the peaceful protesters who were advocating for their right to not be mandated to get a vaccine.  On April 25, The Public Order Emergency Commission looked into whether the use of wartime vehicles to stop the trucker protests was justified or not. Politico reported that the government had waived cabinet confidence solely for the inquiry, which allowed Canadian

residents to understand why Tredeau attempted to use tanks. 

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Liberal Justice Minister David Lametti wrote to liberal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino on Feb. 2 saying “how many tanks are you asking for? I just wanna ask [Defense Minister] Anita [Anand] how many we’ve got on hand?”

Lametti responded saying, “I reckon one will do!”

However, Lametti claimed that the use of tanks was meant to be a joke, despite Trudeau declaring martial law at the time. 

Trudeau’s government defended the action of using wartime tanks saying that the country’s “social cohesion, national unity and international reputation” were at serious risk of “irremediable harms” at the hands of the peaceful protestors. 

At the time, Trudeau said that the Freedom Convoy was not a usual “political protest,” however, many saw his actions the same as a dictatorship. 

The Canadian Prime Minister said that anti-vaxxers “don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists.” 

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