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When the whole kneeling for the national anthem in some sort of protest against the United States exploded throughout the country, we saw a clear line in the sand drawn, which unfortunately put one political side against another.

It should never have been political, but that is what it became very quickly.

Liberal/democrats defended the “right” to kneel during the national anthem, to which the original man on his knees, Colin Kaepernick, made very clear his protest was against what the American flag represented, and conservatives/republicans seeing it as a show of hate for the very country that gave Kaepernick the opportunity to make tens millions of dollars, despite his claim that American is a “racist” nation.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” – Colin Kaepernick, 2016

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Let me be clear: Free speech means Kaepernick had the right to protest in that manner, but it does not mean he would be protected from the consequences of his statements…….. Kaepernick is still like a pariah to the NFL.

I bring this up now because, while political ideologies have always separated Americans into different camps, something about that particular moment in time, along with the outright divisions that became clear when president Donald Trump called out the flag haters as un-American, and made heads explode on the left, the outright hatred for this nation became glaringly clear.

Since then the left’s mission to destroy everything that made American great has become overtly flagrant.

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Liberals hate America


Weakening our military, the LGBT agenda being pushed in public schools, Critical Race Theory, abortion, refusing to harden schools to protect students, trying to disarm Americans, big tech/social media censoring people if they simply have the wrong opinionopen borders, and creating laws to prevent the reporting of dangerous threats to schools, defunding the police, are just a few of the  in-your-face hate of everything America.

Those are public positions democrats not only stand for, but admittedly stand for, are willing to fight for and they are very vocal about it as well.

Destroying America is no longer a “hidden” agenda, and they are obnoxiously loud about it.

Those are the blatant stances, but beneath that we have democrats in positions of power, in the Senate, the U.S. House,  and the White House, also doing their part to cause the destruction of America.

Shutting down Keystone Pipeline contributing to the outrageous and record breaking high gas prices, canceling leases for others lands to drill, sending baby formula to illegal immigrants while American mothers and fathers are seeing shortages and being limited in how many products they can buy. Spending time fighting for issues such as gun control and abortions, rather than focusing on helping Americans survive the Biden economy,  spending tens of billions on Ukraine while American families are suffering from out-of-control inflation. 

The list goes on and on and on…. but let’s delve into a few of those mentioned above right now.

School shootings: After the tragic murder of 19 students and two teachers in a school shooting, once again democrats are using the bodies of those dead children to push for “gun control,” as if guns are able to fire all by themselves, and it doesn’t take a sick person’s  finger to pull those triggers.

“House Democrats Prepare 8 Gun Control Bills: Bump Stocks, ‘Ghost Guns,’ Higher Legal Purchase Age” – Via Breitbart.

When suggestions of hardening schools to prevent active shooters from being given free reign in the “gun free zone,” the Biden administration, via White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, states outright “that is not something he believes in.”

Hardening schools includes more security, armed security, arming teachers that are willing to be trained and to carry to help protect themselves and their students, making schools so they have only one entrance to be guarded against an active shooter, etc….

Instead the democrats want to grab guns, create laws that violate the Second Amendment, and the reason why the Biden regime and democrats are against hardening the schools of America, was explained by Washington Post, using the Parkland school shooting and the laws Florida passed, as their example.

Please keep in mind when you see the list of “reasons” Wapo seems to think those Florida laws are bad, that there has not been another school massacre in Florida.

What we don’t see on that list is actual school shootings because Florida hardened their schools.

Only democrats would think that is a bad thing, and only because Florida didn’t allow gun-grabbers to disarm Floridians.

Proving my assertion we look to California, who just days after the Texas Robb elementary school shooting, has a new law which passed the state Senate, which would prevent school officials from reporting threats of violence against the schools or school officials.

The California State Senate voted Thursday to end a requirement to report students who threaten violence against school officials. At the same time, they have very tough gun laws. What good are the gun laws if they let violent youth avoid appropriate repercussions?

Before the California law was passed, existing law stated that whenever a school official is “attacked, assaulted, or physically threatened by any pupil,” staff was “required to promptly report the incident to specified law enforcement authorities.”

The new bill SB1273 repeals this requirement. It will make it harder to arrest violent youthful offenders. That will make it easier for the next school shooter to get a gun.

The state passed this law only two days after the murders in an Uvalde Texas elementary school.  An18-year-old high school student murdered the innocent victims.

It is almost like anything that could actually keep children alive, is verboten.

The democrats’ abortion support, right up until the moment of birth, should have already made that clear.


When the man that occupies the White, Joe Bide, declares that “record high nation average” of gas is an “incredible” transition, and then tells America outright that the likelihood of “Bidenflation” being seen from fuel to food, won’t be going down any time soon, you are watching the blatant destruction of America and American families. 

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Project “destroying American from within” has been kicked into high gear.